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Annual Conference in Higher Education

The 4th Dubai International Conference in Higher Education is a conference where educators, academic managers, students and researchers from around the world come together to discuss the challenges facing education now and in the future.

This conference brings together representatives of a wide range of higher education institutions and related organizations from around the world in a dynamic and interactive forum.

Equipping successive generations for tomorrow's world has never been more challenging. Today's students are faced with tremendous challenges including the effects of climate change, the accelerating depletion of natural resources such as minerals and fossil fuels, the migration of peoples across continents, new patterns of disease, the uses and abuses of technology, and growing pressures on food resources. Societies are recognizing that it is not only the schools, colleges and universities who must take the lead in the education of tomorrow's citizens. Governments, industry, business and environmentalists also have an obligation to play their part.

Educating for Tomorrow’s World - 2016 Conference

The 4th Dubai International Conference in Higher Education focused on four main themes:

  • Feeding Tomorrow's World: Achieving sustainable agriculture
  • Meeting Healthcare Challenges: Combating changing patterns of disease
  • Creating a Smart World: Employing technology for societal advancement
  • Meeting Tomorrow's Energy Needs: Addressing new supply and demand issues

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